Tuesday, 11 October 2011

CodeIgniter / Bonfire

I have been progressing an automated way of generating maps from openstreetmap data, allowing layers to be selected, including contours and hill shading etc. (https://github.com/jones139/disrend).

I want a web front end to allow people to generate maps using this renderer.   When I did this for my townguide program I just built a very simple php based web interface.
Ideally I would like things like user authentication though, which would mean writing a lot of code to go with it.
The CodeIgniter framework goes some way to this by providing an interface to sessions etc, but there is still quite a bit of boilerplate code to write to produce the database interface.
The CodeIgniter / Bonfire application seems to solve this by providing:

  1. Roles based authentication.
  2. Modular structure (this was an issue I had with codeigniter - you ended up with code scattered in different places).
  3. A really neat module builder function that produces a basic module with database interface for you to build on.
I am just trying to get the hang of using bonfire now - I have had a few issues with installing modules based on the module builder code - will write up how to do this once I have it working...
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