Saturday, 17 December 2011

Simple Games for Cheap Android Tablet

My Autistic son has developed quite a liking for hand held electronic devices - he likes our daughter's Nintendo DS with an animated dog on it, and apparently plays with an iPad at school.
I am not a fan of 'i' anythings because of the difficulty developing software for them, so I thought I would get him a cheap android based tablet to try.   Just need some software for it now.

I have got a Eken M009S from Amazon - it was just under £70.   I was hoping to develop some simple games using javascript to run in the web browser, which would mean they would work on any device, but the processor on the device is not up to it - there are some nice javascript game demos at which work very well on my laptop, but are so slow on the tablet that they are not useable.

This is a shame as it would have been nice to develop something that would work on any platform - I think I will have to remember how to write 'native' (or at least java) android programs....
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