Monday, 7 May 2012

More on Samsung CLP-325w on Ubuntu

I have been pretty pleased with the Samsung CLP-325w - working nicely from my daughter's Ubuntu PC.
Have just had to re-install Ubuntu 11.10 on that (see separate post), so need to get the printer working again.
I had received a question about why I did not use an open source driver, and used the Samsung one last time.   The main reason was that the 'Recommended' driver when I installed the printer only worked in monochrome, not colour.
Just tried again, and used the 'recommended' driver, which was a generic PCL6 one.  Again this printed monochrome, until I realised that under the 'Printing' options it defaults to 'Normal (monochrome)' print quality.  Changing that to 'Normal' got it printing in colour.
Currently using it plugged into the USB port on the computer, because having a bit of trouble with network printing - job for next weekend.
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