Sunday, 22 September 2013

Human Power Meters

I have just done a triathlon with my disabled son, Benjamin (

While we were training I started to try to calculate the energy requirements for the event, because I was worried about running out of glycogen before the end.   Most of the calculation methods can not take account of weather - especially wind, so I am starting to wonder how to make a power meter for our bike.   I can either go for strain gauges in the cranks, which is likely to be difficult mechanically, or I am wondering if I can just use my heart rate.
I have just got a Garmin 610 sports watch with heart rate monitor.  It uses a wireless protocol called 'ant'.  I'll have to look at how good heart rate is as a surrogate for power output.
I may have to go to a gym to calibrate myself against a machine that measures work done...a winter project I think!
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