Wednesday, 15 April 2009

What has been happening?

I've been forgetting to update this with what has been happening.

WherewasI now has a Python/GTK front end that allows you to plot your GPX traces on a OpenStreetMap map to see where you were, as well as altitude profiles etc. It could still do with a few more features, but it does most of what I want at the moment.

I have decided to make a concerted effort to finish off mapping Hartlepool for OpenStreetMap. The main problem is that am better at cycling around collecting GPX traces than I am at recording the street names. This means I end up with lots of roads with no names - no use if anyone wants to search for an address....To do this I decided to use audio mapping by recording audio clips with my mobile phone. The clips are GeoTagged using data from a little bluetooth GPS receiver. I use GPSMid on the mobile phone. Unfortunately it does not produce the GPX file, or the audio clips in the correct format for the JOSM OpenStreetMap Editor. I wrote a little python script to do the conversion so you can see the positions of the audio clips in the JOSM Editor (See the OSM GPSMid Page for details.
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