Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Edimax IC-3010Wg IP Camera and Linux

I have just got an Edimax IC-3010Wg IP Camera. I intend to use it as a replacement for the analogue video system we use to keep an eye on our disabled son.
I was rather disappointed to find that it does not work with Firefox - you need an Internet Explorer ActiveX control to view the video images. This means it will not work on my Linux computers as supplied by the manufacturer.

What works:
  1. The camera gets its network configuration by DHCP (despite what the quick start guide says) so by checking the DHCP deamon log you can find its IP address.
  2. You can access its configuration screen with a web browser (default username admin, password 1234)
  3. Receive a snapshot picture using http:///snapshot.jpg
  4. Download a mjpeg video stream using wget http://admin:1234@ (I don't know how to display this in real time though - mplayer doesn't seem to work).
  5. Some other things are detailed here.
  6. Someone has written a tcl application that works with a similar camera, but not this one (see here).
I think I am going to end up writing something based on the tcl application shown above to display live video with sound, which is what I need. If anyone knows an off-the shelf one, please let me know!

The most up to date information I have on using this camera with linux can be found at http://ic-3010wg.webhop.net.

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