Sunday, 12 July 2009

More on Edimax IP Camera

I think we're getting somewhere. Searching around for references to IP cameras and mplayer yielded this thread which suggested the following:

mkfifo fifo.mpeg4
wget -q http://admin:1234@ -Ofifo.mpeg4 &
mplayer -V -demuxer 35 fifo.mpeg4
This seems to work ok - there is a bit of a delay in the video, but probably ~0.1 sec, which is acceptable.
Just need to get sound working now....

Well, I did a bit more hunting around in the camera web set-up and realised I had missed a section about RTSP. The default was for RTSP to be enabled on port 554 with a rtsp path of ipcam.sdp.
When I tried

mplayer rtsp://

I got pictures AND sound!
I had tried rtsp before, but had missed the ipcam.sdp bit. Mplayer complains that my little netbook is too slow to play the stream, so there is a bit more work to do, but it looks promising. I'll try VLC now.

The most up to date information I have on using this camera with linux can be found at
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