Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Android Development on Ubuntu

I just got an LG GW620 android mobile phone. I want to use it for mapping ( There is an android editor called Vespucci available, but it needs some work to make the UI easier to use. I thought I would have a look at the source code to see if I can work out how to modify it.
The android developer web site says that it is best to use the Eclipse IDE, but when I tried I got all sorts of errors about un-satisfied dependencies.
Fortunately someone had posted some instructions to get it working on Ubuntu (
Now I have followed this I have a working IDE to develop Android applications, and have got a basic "Hello World" application working. I have also downloaded and complied the Vespucci source code, and run it on the SDK emulator.
Just need to understand how Android UIs work now....
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