Sunday, 7 March 2010

GPX Route Editor

I was trying to plan a family cycling trip in a rush this morning and struggling to find a map to
use (opencyclemap is no good because I like to go to un-mapped places so I can add them to the map).
I finally remembered that ages ago I wrote a little javascript application to display an Ordnance Survey map, and let you put route markers on it which you can then put onto a Garmin GPS receiver to use for navigation - I used that to record where I intended to go, so I knew where there was supposed to be a bridleway...
Anyway I thought I should add that program to my repository in case anyone else is interested. There are a few things to do to it - see the README file in the repository directory - The source code is in my ntmisc code repository under gpxedit.
You can find the program working at

I will do a bit more work on this when I get chance. I always intended to convert it to OpenLayers rather than multimap's proprietary API, and at the moment you have to copy and paste the GPX file into a text editor to get around the irritating web browser security - need a way of getting around that - the simplest would be to add an 'echo' server side application that would allow you to download the GPX file from the server, but that feels like brute force and ignorance!
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