Sunday, 23 November 2008

MusicPal Debug Tools

I am trying to get sound playback working in my own code on the MusicPal. I have been advised to use a utility called 'strace' which allows you to monitor what system calls an application is executing - this should allow me to see how nashville initialises and uses the sound system on the MusicPal (

I downloaded the source code for strace from sourceforge. It uses the standard gnu ./compile system to configure and compile it.
I got it to compile for the MusicPal using:
source ~/alinux/setvars; CFLAGS=-I~/alinux/linux/include ./configure --host=arm-linux

It compiled ok, and won't run on my PC, which is a good indication that it has cross compiled.
The problem is that I can not transfer it to the MusicPal because the executable is about 290kB, and there is only 176kB free on the MusicPal /home directory.

Oh Dear....I think the MusicPal has quite a lot of RAM - I'll see if I can make a RAM disk - either that or I have to get NFS working on the MusicPal so I can mount a decent sized directory, or even more drastic, pull the MusicPal appart and put a USB socket in it to use a USB disk - easier in the long run, but this is supposed to be a present for my wife, so I'd better not.

Silly me - there is already a ram disk mounted as /tmp....
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