Sunday, 26 December 2010

Benjap - A program for children with Autism or Learning Difficulties

I have decided to write a program for our autistic son (who also has severe learning difficulties) with my daughter, Laura.
We have bought a Packard Bell OneTwo all-in-one PC with a touch screen to use for it.
This is because Benjamin will not use a keyboard or mouse, but I hope that the cause and effect will be more obvious using a touch screen.

The basic program is written in Python using the pygame library.   The structure is of a main application with big icons to select the other applications.
The various applications are (or will be):

  • Stars (a bit like the start of star-trek) you can change the origin of the stars that shoot towards the edge of the screen by pressing the touch screen.
  • Bounce:  Lots of bright coloured balls bouncing off each other and the edge of the screen (not very interactive at the moment!).
  • Comet:  Dragging your finger around the screen leaves a multi-coloured trail like a comet.
  • Fireworks:  Pressing the screen launches a firework that explodes colourfully.
I have started a new project page for the application at

More to follow....
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