Sunday, 12 December 2010

Townguide - progress at last!

You can't beat some really bad weather to help make progress with my nerdy jobs.
I have got Waldemar's django front end to townguide working (, and have managed to make a few changes, including adding fancy tab things to the main map selection form.
There are still a few things to sort out:

  • The area selection on the map does not align properly with the mouse pointer - not sure why - must be something to do with OpenLayers projections...
  • Mapnik re-sizes the output map to match the bounding box, so townguide needs to check the actual map size to make sure the grid squares are right.
  • There is something funny about the output resolution - need to see what it is using - the output looks much higher resolution than I asked for, so I suspect there is a sum wrong somewhere!
  • Add the GPX track and waypoint plugins (they are just templates at the moment).
  • Add an option to suppress un-named ways - the 'None' in the street index can confuse people.
  • Reinstate other output formats - only 'poster' is working.
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