Thursday, 30 December 2010

Edimax IC-3010 Firmware Modification

I just discovered the 'stats' facility in and realised that the most read posts in my blog are the ones about the Edimax IC3010 wireless ip camera. People are also looking at my web pages about it (
This got me thinking about it again so I have had a poke around inside the case - I'll post some pictures at the weekend.
There is not much to see in side - there is a mini wireless card and a single board computer. I was hoping to see a USB port, but the nearest I can find is a four pin header that is likely to be one (or more of):
- USB Port
- Serial (RS232 ish) console
- JTAG interface

I'll have to find the main system-on-chip pin-outs to try to decide what it is.

The main thing I struggle with is getting into the firmware files - I think the choice if you want to hack a device is to either connect a serial line to the console to get access to the boot loader, or modify the firmware.   Modifying the firmware sounds simplest, but you run the risk of turning the device into a brick....

That is about where I got to in the summer of 2009.  I am just downloading the latest firmware and source code from edimax to try to de-code the firmware building utility.   While I was doing this, I discovered that someone has already done it -   Well done to them!
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