Saturday, 8 January 2011

Building openWRT

I have got a little bifferboard single board computer which I intend to use to run pywws to send data from our weather station to the weather underground site on the internet.

The bifferboard comes installed with a very small linux distribution called openWRT.   It has a very small python installed, but no python USB support.

I have struggled a bit to work out how the openWRT package system works - the official wiki is a bit confused about what the current version is called (kamikaze or backfire).  It implies you can add packages by downloading them from svn, but this didn't seem to do anything.
I found a useful forum post here, which seems to be the best set of instructions.
You can do

./scripts/feeds update -a
This downloads the list of packages, but does not do anything else.
To get the buildroot system to compile it for you you need to 'install' it using:
./scripts/feeds install python 
./scripts/feeds install pyusb
You can then do "make menuconfig" and python and pyusb are shown to be compiled as packages "".
'make' actually compiles it.
I'll update this when I work out how to add these to the firmware image...
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