Friday, 21 January 2011

Mapnik Map Rendering

Someone asked a question on the osm-gb mailing list about viewing coverage of waterways - canals and navigable rivers.
We don't seem to have one, so I created one on my web site.
The trouble with that site is that although it is running on a nice powerful computer (my old laptop), it is behind my domestic broadband service from Virgin Media.   Although this service has a nice fast download speed, the upload speed is very poor ~900 kbps compared to 9600 kbps download.   This makes the web site very slow from the outside world.

I have a little virtual server provided by CloudNext - it is nowhere near as powerful as my own server, and has much less disk space, but at least it has a fast internet connection.

I loaded a british isles extract of OpenStreetMap data into the database - it took a very long time - maybe getting on for 12 hours (not sure when it finished!) - my server takes about 2 hours.   Performance rendering maps was not too bad though - rendering down to zoom level 14 took about 2 hours, which is respectable.

Just need to get the database updating to keep it up to date, and re-generate changed tiles now....
You can see the difference at (my home server) compared to (the virtual server)
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